Wildwood Outdoor Education Center

Wildwood brings kids outside for immersive, hands-on STEM learning experiences. Our programming includes residential summer camps, day camps, and year-round field trips. At Wildwood, we utilize an experiential learning model. On our high and low rope courses, students learn spatial awareness, problem solve, work as a team and challenge themselves.

In our engineering and environmental science programming, students learn about biodiversity, ecosystems, and renewable energy, and they create bio-inspired designs. All of our programs are designed to build an affinity for nature, spark interest in exploration, increase problem-solving confidence and boost teamwork skills.


  • Museum/library/STEM-rich institution or attraction

Audience Served

  • Students: Elementary
  • Students: Middle School

Opportunities Offered

  • Field trip
  • Summer camp

Focus Areas

  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Making/DIY