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A report cover featuring a photo of two high school women wearing safety glasses as they work at a table with tools. The title reads: Closing the Gap: A Report on addressing the gender gap in K-12 STEM education.

Explore ways the Kansas City region is moving to close the gender gap in STEM education. This report—based on conversations with community and corporate partners, mentors, parents, teachers, students and women with STEM careers—includes practical next and best practices organized by age group.

A report cover titled Beyond the Gap: An analysis + framework for action to address the racial gap in PK-12 STEM education. The orange and green cover includes a photo of a child wearing safety glasses and peering through part of a robot.

This analysis of key influences, successes and failures in closing the racial gap at each stage of STEM education offers a framework for action to help Kansas City move beyond the gap. The framework for action is intended as a tool for all involved in educating our youth, in school or outside of school.

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