Sea Life touch tank

SEA LIFE Aquarium Kansas City

SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium provides educational learning experiences throughout our aquarium with engaging activities in 11 interactive aquatic zones that take students on a journey from local rivers to warm coastal waters, all the way to the bottom of the sea. SEA LIFE has thousands of underwater creatures to get to know and even touch. Get up close and shake hands with sea stars, crabs and other tide pool animals in our hands-on Rockpool Experience!

Students can then meander deeper on their journey to the depths as they explore our Ocean Tank with 175,000 gallons of water that houses some of our largest animals including several species of sharks and rays such as the docile nurse shark, the curious cow nose ray and our rescued green sea turtle named Gertrude.

Let students’ creativity run wild at Doodle Reef, where young explorers are invited to gather inspiration from the tanks around them and draw their very own sea creature before releasing it to swim inside a virtual tank!

We also provide educational workshops for schools and groups that revolve around STEM education. Our workshops include:

Home Sweet Home: Habitats (Prek-K)
Students will learn in a fun way what is required for an animal to make a home! Explore the need for food, water, shelter, air, and territory in aquatic habitats.

Animal Adaptations (K-2nd)
Students will be amazed once they learn about unique animal characteristics such as scales and fins that allow animals to adapt in the underwater world.

What’s for Lunch: Food Chains (3rd-5th)
Oh oh! There’s a shark coming! The kids will explore the complexities of the ocean food chain and the predator vs. prey relationship. Yes, they learn about what and how sea creatures eat, along with what eats them!

Marine Science Careers: (6th-12th)
Feel like a real-life Marine Scientist during this in-depth look into the everyday responsibilities of our aquarium staff! Students will learn first-hand how they can directly impact conservation efforts world-wide by choosing a career in the zoo or marine science industry.

Add an educational workshop to your visit for $3.00 +tax per student.


  • Museum/library/STEM-rich institution or attraction

Audience Served

  • Educators
  • Everyone
  • Families
  • Students: Elementary
  • Students: High School
  • Students: Middle School
  • Students: Pre-K

Opportunities Offered

  • Field trip

Focus Areas

  • Biology