Off-Kilta Matilda

Off-Kilta Matilda™ is a book and program that teaches kids to “love their spots” and lead with STEM. Though the focus is second and third grades, early readers love the materials. We have options for teachers, parents, home school groups and camps. We go to schools and read the book, do fun STEM activities focused on math and get kids excited about STEM.

Everyone can join our Prime Number Club! Our heroine, Off-Kilta Matilda, is a ladybug. She has mismatched spots on her wings and the bugs in her class have an equal number of spots. The kids make fun of her and Off-Kilta Matilda is devastated. She runs home to her mom, who helps her love her spots using prime numbers. At the end of every book there is a certificate. Each certificate grants the user access to the club area of our website with character-driven teaching guides, downloads and other STEM materials.


  • Corporation/Business

Audience Served

  • Students: Elementary

Opportunities Offered

  • After school/out of school
  • Drop in
  • In school
  • Summer camp

Focus Areas

  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • General Science
  • Math
  • Robotics