Mentors help students work through science projects

Mentors help students work through science projects

The long-running volunteer educational event is an experiment worth repeating.
The Kansas City Star

Soliana Kahassai’s science project idea came to her because she’s a dancer.
The 14-year-old Liberty Junior High student wants to know whether all that stretching really does help a person kick higher, bend lower, reach farther.

On Saturday, she sat down before a scientist to explain her project.

“I’ll have one group of dancers, another of runners, and the third, I’ll call those the nothings because, well, they do nothing,” she says, and smiles because the stranger laughs at the word “nothings.”

“How many people will I need to test from each group?”

The stranger seated before Soliana was Lindsey Lucas, a statistician from MRI Global, who volunteered Saturday along with 45 other science experts at the University of Missouri Kansas City.

They were part of a program called Meet the Science Mentors, a once-a-year event to help students from the fourth grade through high school refine and organize their science projects.

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