Cobalt Colts head to Worlds; local teams bring home awards

FIRST Tech Challenge Team 6547 Cobalt Colts are headed to the FIRST World Championships after an exciting KS/MO FIRST Tech Challenge Championship at Missouri S&T University in Rolla on March 5.

The Cobalt Colts were one of 10 Kansas City-area teams competing. All 10 teams advanced through several competition rounds since November. Here’s a look at how local teams placed in the qualification rounds and a recap of what happened next:

2nd – 9960 – NERDS – Conception Junction
5th – 3409 – Astromechs – North Kansas City
6th – 9808 – Chargers – Heritage Christian
9th – 10173 – Ravonics – Olathe Northwest
11th – 10127 – Tesla’s Knights – North Kansas City
14th – 6547 -Cobalt Colts – Leawood
15th – 9849 – Small Fries – Warrensburg
18th – 14995 – Legion – Pembroke Hill
19th – 9034 – Mustangs – Shawnee Mission Christian
22nd – 16309 – Stealth Panther – Knob Noster

During alliance selection, 6547-Cobalt Colts was invited to join the number one alliance; 9960-NERDS was the alliance captain for the second alliance and 9808-Chargers was invited to join the third alliance.

3409-Astromechs was the alliance captain for the fourth alliance, and they invited 10127-Tesla’s Knights to join them. The number four alliance with Astromechs and Tesla’s Knight was eliminated by the number one alliance with Cobalt Colts. Scores were 260-174 in match one and 311-120 in match two. The 311 was the highest score in the tournament.

The third alliance with Chargers beat the second alliance with NERDS in three games. Game one going to third alliance 208-199, game two going to the second alliance 222-197, and the third game going to the third alliance 212-176.

The finals also went to three games. The first game went to the third alliance 217-210. The number one alliance winning games two and three with scores of 248-209 and 233-224.

Local award recognition includes:

  • Design Award – Ravonics (10173) second runner up
    Control Award – Tesla’s Knights (10127) second runner up
    Control Award – Astromechs (3409) first runner up
    Control Award – Ravonics (10173) winner
    Innovate Award – Chargers (9808) second runner up
    Innovate Award – Small Fries (9849) winner
    Connect Award – Stealth Panther (16309) – second runner up
    Think Award – Cobalt Colts (6547) – second runner up
    Dean’s List Finalist – Shishir Vargheese – Cobalt Colts (6547)
    Dean’s List Finalist– Alexander Adams (16309 )Stealth Panther Robotics – Knob Noster


Congrats to all!