Closing the Racial Gap in STEM Education

An Analysis + Framework for Action

To better understand how we can move beyond the racial gap in STEM education, the KC STEM Alliance put together a five-part interactive web series moderated by Andrea Ellis, Director of Strategic Collaboration & Civic Impact for the Kansas City Action Fund and former Director of Strategic Learning for the Kansas City Public Library.

The series looked at key influences, successes and failures in closing the racial gap at each stage of STEM education—from kindergarten through high school. Panelists included community and corporate partners, mentors, parents, informal and formal educators, students and STEM professionals of color.

The analysis and framework for action presented below is intended for all involved in educating our youth, in school or outside of school.

Opening Session Recap

Graphic Record
Hand-drawn graphic record

Graphic recording by Ann Zimmerman

Elementary School Session Recap

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A hand drawn summary of key concepts

Middle School Session Recap

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High School Session Recap

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Closing Session Recap: From Theory to Action

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