This traveling museum celebrates African American inventors & innovators

Group of people looking at traveling exhibit

The achievements of African American men, women and youth in science and innovation are often overlooked in traditional classrooms and history books, but Kansas City’s Carroll and Sandra Lamb are working tirelessly to change that.

The Lambs have spent more than two decades collecting and researching African American history with a particular emphasis on African American inventors and innovators in the STEM fields and the arts. They co-founded The Institute of Black Invention & Technology to turn their collections into traveling exhibits they bring to schools, libraries, youth groups and community organizations.

“Over the years, the school and media have highlighted the accomplishments of African Americans in sports and entertainment, but given very little, if any, attention to the contributions of blacks in the fields of science and technology,” Sandra Lamb said. “This is what motivated us to put an exhibit together. I want young black people to know that they come from a people with a history of fortitude, endurance and inventiveness. I want them to know that they can be creators, not just consumers.”

The Institute’s featured exhibits range from “A Salute to Black Inventors & Innovators” to “African Americans in Space” and “Innovative Entrepreneurs (20 under 20).” “The Black Inventors Showcase” introduces viewers to more than 100 inventors and innovators, following the African American experience from West Africa to present day.

The Lambs have amassed more than 200 original artifacts or reproductions of inventions, along with photos, books and other memorabilia to showcase the stories of African Americans in STEAM.

“America’s history is not complete without an accurate inclusion of these contributions to society and the world,” Carroll Lamb said. “I want young people to be uplifted when they leave our exhibit.”

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