Idea Starters

Ideas for #RemakeDaysKC activities

Looking for ideas you can use to host a Remake Learning Days event at your organization or in your classroom? This library of idea starters comes from our own community of libraries, museums, businesses and STEM program providers. These projects primarily rely on easy-to-access, low-cost materials and many include how-to videos!

If you have an activity to add to the library, submit your information here.


Maker Studio/Science City

Marbling at Home: Learn the science behind the art technique of marbling.

Stable Paper Sculpture: Combine art and engineering with this paper sculpture project.

Engineering a Hoop Glider: An alternative to paper airplanes that introduces the concepts of gravity, lift, thrust and drag.


Make a Rubberband Car: ScrapsKC shows how in a step-by-step YouTube tutorial.

National Inventors Hall of Fame

Super Bookmaking: A maker project that combines storytelling, art and invention.

Burns & McDonnell STEM

Build a Sorting Machine: Team up kids to build a gravity-powered sorting machine prototype.


Honeywell-Kansas City National Security Campus

Simple Science Soap Boats: A simple project with video instructions delivered by a real-life engineer. Find similar projects on Honeywell’s YouTube channel.

National Inventors Hall of Fame

Fibonacci Design: Learn how scientists and inventors take their cues from nature with this versatile activity.

Museum at Prairiefire

Curious Clouds and Wonderful Weather: Hands-on activities for learning about weather with a corresponding video from museum staff.

Crazy Craters and Marvelous Moon Rocks: Make your own moon rocks and more with these instructions and video.

Build your own Seismograph: Learn about measuring sound waves in this activity and corresponding video.

Water Bottle Membranophone: Use creativity and knowledge of sound to make your own instrument, a “membranophone,” to demonstrate the properties of sound.  It sounds just like a saxophone! Download the activity sheet and see the accompanying video.

KU Natural History Museum

Body Tricks: These fun activities explore some of the amazing ways our bodies work.

Be a Bambiraptor: Introduce this prehistoric creature with this activity and corresponding video.


Wildwood Outdoor Education Center

Leaf Tracing and Tree ID: Make a Mother’s Day-worthy leaf tracing following this how-to video and activity guide.

Nature Trail for Ants: Scout out and map a trail of natural wonders with this how-to video and activity guide.


Wildwood Outdoor Education Center

Create a Family Pennant: Bring art and self-expression together in a project that could be adapted for a classroom or club. Download the handout and get the guided video.

Kemper Museum of Art

Art activities: The museum’s “virtual playdates” showcase techniques that tie to a work of art found in the museum. Each activity includes a how-to video and links to relevant works of art.


How to Make an Ojo de Dios: Share the origin of this popular craft and get step-by-step instructions with this tutorial from Scraps KC’s YouTube channel.


Hour of Code

Activity List: Search the Hour of Code activity list by age range, topic and device availability. The database includes includes off-line options.


KC Rep

#ArtSpark: ArtSpark is digital studio from Kansas City Repertory Theatre that offers collaboration with artists from diverse mediums to explore and inspire artistic expression. Each episode comes with a prompt such as writing your own lyrics or creating a new dance move.