KC Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME)

The Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education, within the Manufacturing Institute, is a premier advanced manufacturing workforce education and development program. FAME helps students become highly skilled, globally competitive, well-rounded and sought-after talent who can meet the unique needs and challenges of today’s modern manufacturing workforce. Every year, FAME graduates transition into well-paying, diverse career pathways in critical disciplines across the manufacturing industry.

Those enrolled into the FAME two-year program will start a work/study program to earn an associate degree and a certification as an Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT). FAME students will attend classes at Kansas City Kansas Community College two days a week (8 hours or more each day) and will work at least 24 hours a week (8 hours or more each day for three days) for a local, sponsoring employer – being paid a competitive wage. Many FAME students graduate debt free through this work/study approach.


  • Community college/trade school
  • Corporation/Business

Audience Served

  • Students: College and above
  • Students: High School
  • Youth ages 16-24 (not attending high school or post-secondary)

Opportunities Offered

  • Workforce preparation

Focus Areas

  • Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Technology