Eco Entertainment with the Recycle Cycle

Eco Entertainment brings a light-hearted approach to the serious subject of saving our planet. We want to be cheerleaders for change and encourage the natural ways we all can help each other. Fun and purpose go hand-in-hand and make all the difference.

A rollicking rolling recycling activity center, the Recycle Cycle is created entirely of reclaimed or recycled parts put to the task of educating and entertaining. It is a rolling lesson in the value of the environment and its resources delivered with fun and function. Watch the eyes light up and smiles broaden as this oddball auto cuts a colorful path through any fair or festival.


  • Corporation/Business

Audience Served

  • Families
  • Students: Elementary
  • Students: Pre-K

Opportunities Offered

  • Fair/festival/event

Focus Areas

  • Making/DIY