Blue Valley Femineers

The Femineer Program was created to empower K-12 female students to develop the skills and confidence needed to pursue majors and careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. It has since expanded to include other under-represented individuals in these fields. Femineers complete a three-year program with the following curriculum: Year 1, Creative Robotics; Year 2, Wearable Electronics; and Year 3, Hydraulic Creations. During year 1, Femineers work with the local carpenters union, learning to use hand and small power tools. During year 2, Femineers work with the local electricians union to learn to solder and create circuits.


  • High School

Audience Served

  • Students: High School

Opportunities Offered

  • After school/out of school

Focus Areas

  • Coding/Programming
  • Engineering
  • Making/DIY
  • Technology