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Bier Station’s March for Science After-Party Fundraiser

Bier Station 120 E. Gregory Boulevard, Kansas City

Bier Station and four breweries are joining with March For Science - Kansas City for an after-party/ environmental fundraiser Saturday, April 22, in the Bier Station parking lot. Cinder Block Brewery, Torn Label Brewing Company Uinta Brewing and New Belgium Brewing are joining the party...

From Prometheus to the Naked Mole Rat: A KU Natural History Museum Science on Tap Event | Bier Station

Bier Station 120 E. Gregory Boulevard, Kansas City

Our fascination with Prometheus and pop-culture icons such as Wolverine indicates that our society has a persistent and unmistakable interest in perfect wound repair, or regeneration. Much scientific effort is devoted to trying to crack the “regeneration code” to prevent imperfect wound repair, which leads...

Science on Tap KC with KU Natural History Museum

Bier Station 120 E. Gregory Boulevard, Kansas City

Join the KU Natural History Museum for the next Science on Tap KC event—Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Biology. Biology is based on the known life of the planet: animals, plants, fungi. But Earth’s unknown life is more numerous, more widespread, more fundamental...

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