The KC STEM Alliance is a collaborative network of educators, business partners and affiliates that inspires interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math careers to generate a robust force of related professionals for our community.



Invest in tomorrow’s workforce.

If our region is to thrive, nothing is more important than education and job training. While a workforce armed with critical STEM skills depends on schools and teachers, it also requires the commitment of our industry partners.

Through diverse industry partnerships, KC STEM Alliance is able to increase efficiency, innovation, equity and sustainability of STEM education programs and practices—joining educators in getting students excited about STEM by exposing them to real world experiences, encouraging them to pursue STEM courses and ultimately, STEM careers.

Industry partners benefit from:

•Increasing the number of students pursuing STEM careers in our own community, nurturing a highly educated, STEM-literate workforce

•Expanding the overall education level and creating stronger schools, which in turn attracts new companies and leads to long-term economic development for the Kansas City region

•Employee loyalty and engagement—Research shows employees of companies with philanthropic programs and shared volunteer opportunities are more productive, loyal and engaged

•Clearly defined volunteer and mentoring opportunities that support your strategic goals and offer hassle-free implementation

•Developing lasting relationships with colleges, universities and professional organizations—helping recruit STEM skilled employees

Learn how to grow your brand recognition and gain exposure as a leader and advocate of STEM education by becoming a charitable giving partner with KC STEM Alliance. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Laura Loyacono at (816) 235-1509.

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The participation of area STEM industry in STEM education is vital to Kansas City. Click here to download a PDF on the importance and benefits of industry participation.